Welcome to the Tracker Directory 


This site includes the names, addresses, and E-mails of over 100 students

from North America and Europe.


It is hoped that this site will help students connect with and support each other

in developing their "Tracker" Skills

To be added to this list, please E-mail me at the address listed below.

Include (if desired):

- Name

- Address (with E-mail and telephone)

- Classes attended

You may want to include a few comments about what interests you,

or what you have to offer to other students (like accomodations or available land).

If you have a club, or a website, they can be listed as well.


To give extra protection to all the listed E-mail accounts from unwanted mail,

I have posted the directory on a separate page.

I will send the webpage address to anyone who signs up.


Oct. 14 - If you still want to access the directory, without adding your name, I'm reinstating the 'password'. It consists of two words written as one. It is the other name of Grandfather, Tom Brown's teacher.


and it will take you there!

Thank you for visiting...

Geoff - geofftracker@hotmail.com



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